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Why Take Private Guitar Lessons?Mark Oslund

Children, teens and adults, all of us are individuals. Our different levels of motivation, personality traits, ability to grasp new concepts, and the manner in which we retain new information and skills all affect how each of us learn. A good experienced teacher is aware of this, and has the ability to adjust his/her teaching style in order for all students to be able to progress and reach their goals. This is especially true in a private lesson setting. I accept new students from the age of eight and there is no age cap!

With beginning students, I emphasize correct technique which most self taught players lack, and I believe is part of the reason why they fail to reach their desired goals. It is important to me that my students have fun learning to play the guitar. Together, we can pick music from artists/bands that specifically interest you. The style of music you play is not the important aspect to learning how to correctly play the guitar; instead it is the dedication and technique.

Advanced and even professional players may also benefit from occasional lessons. Maybe you have rock guitar mastered, but want to fill in gaps in your overall theoretical knowledge: complete use of scales, modes, advanced harmony, etc. Perhaps you would benefit from some new ideas on improvisation and a close look at the specific styles of some of the great guitar legends. If you are writing your own music, a better understanding of keys, chord progressions, and song structure could prove useful.

Even if you are determined to teach yourself, a few months of lessons could be what you need to get started with the correct technique and to help you visualize your musical goal(s).

Mark Oslund

Where and When:
Frazer Court in Downtown Redmond (next to the old Redmond Post Office)
16275 NE 85th Street
Redmond, WA 98052
Monday through Friday 3:00pm-9:00pm

Lesson Policy:
Fees: $120 per month for an average of four private half hour lessons per month.

About every third month there will be five lessons in a month, there is no additional charge for the extra lesson. Instead, it will be considered a makeup lesson for any missed lesson. If you have perfect attendance it will be a free lesson. In the month of December, you may only receive three lessons due to the holiday season. This is also compensated by the occasional fifth lesson.

There is no contract necessary, but tuition or payment is due the first week of each month for that month.




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