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About Myself:Mark Oslund

Music has been the driving force in my life since childhood. Playing guitar in bands and also as a solo performer during my teens and through college was a great way to earn extra money and a great outlet for my passion. Every style of music that involves a guitar has been an area of fascination in my life at one time or another, and all have consumed hundreds of hours of practice time.

A college music professor of mine, for whom I held much respect, said that "there are three things a musician needs to do to be complete: practice, play, and teach". As anyone who knows me can attest to, I devote several hours each day to practice while spending many weekends at various jam sessions and participating in occasional performances.

After graduating from Cornish College of the Arts I decided it was time to try my chances at teaching. It took a year or so for me to feel like I was reaching my full potential. About that time my small group of ten students a week grew to around fifty, which was reason enough for me to believe I had found my niche.

Teaching guitar has been my occupation ever since. The gratification I get from being able to share my knowledge of music and of the guitar with others who want to learn, truly makes my life complete.







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